Why Should I Use Binoculars at Sporting Events?

Do you carry binoculars with you to sporting events? Well maybe you should start.

Here are my reasons why using binoculars at sports games is a great idea.

1. History Repeats Itself

high school football player

Remember that high school football game you went to? Well you got there late and the only spot you could find was way up in the bleachers. When the fellow fans from both sides cheered and jeered you had no idea what was going on. You cheered along to fit in but really could not see who was making the plays and what all the excitement was about. You missed much of the highlights from the game and heard about them well after the fact.

Fast forward to adulthood. You now pay much more for seats at the games. The distances you need to see are much farther than they were back at the old high school games. There is a lot of action going on in the stands and on the field. Too bad you can only see so much or hope the Jumbotron catches it on the big screen. It sure would be nice to see farther and that is where your trusty binoculars come into play.

Another problem is school games for the kids. How can you keep a close eye on them at the other end of the field? How well are they doing in the extracurricular sports games? An extra vision into the sports game would certainly be very useful.

Always remember the past games when you missed so much. If you had brought binoculars to those games your enjoyment would have been so much more

2. Seats up in the Nosebleed Section


We have all been there. The only tickets we could score might as well be on the moon. How will you see the action from all the way up in the stratosphere?

If you brought a decent pair of binoculars you will be better off than many sports fans even closer to the action. The bright side of the nosebleed section is cheaper seats. Those high seats also give you an eagle eye vision when your binoculars are deployed. Use binoculars to offset the viewing issues and enjoy more cash in your wallet for snacks and commemorative shirts. Enjoy the extra elbow room too where non-binocular packing patrons avoid.

You might just have the whole section to yourself and your sharp eyed binoculars. The alternative to being well equipped with your trusty binoculars is much eye squinting and disgruntled mumbling under your breath. Bring your binoculars and avoid the heartbreak.

3. See the Hidden Gestures and Commands

A lot goes into a sports game that is hidden to most viewers. Hand gestures along with face expressions all play a part in the secret language between players.

What did that referee just signal a player for? A pair of binoculars can allow you to see the unseen conversation that goes on between the sports players. There is a whole world of interactions that might be easily overlooked from the stands with normal vision. Even a small pair of pocket binoculars will take you into a previously hidden world. You will be surprised what you will discover when the binoculars make the trip with you to the game. Your friends will certainly want to borrow them when they witness just how much more game you are seeing compared to them. Of course, they need to bring their own, pure and simple.

4. Witness All the Action

Who is that coming into the game now from the sideline? What player number was that who left the field?

With a pair of binoculars the mystery is no more.

Watch where the action is and pick up on all the previously hidden moments that you have been missing all of the games previously. Watch the players on the bench and sidelines along with the referees and managers. The human chess game just got so much closer with binoculars.

5. Entertainment of Crowd Watching

football crowd watching

Crowd watching might even be more entertaining than the game itself at times. What are those fellas doing way over on the other side of the field? If you need a good laugh then crowd surf with your binoculars when the action gets stale. There is always some kind of action up in the stands. With sports fans, you just never know what you will see on the field or in the stadium stands.

So why haven’t you started carrying binoculars to the sports game yet? With small. very capable binoculars to larger, wide angle light gathering units, binoculars are in all sizes. Pack a pair to your next game and see the difference that binoculars truly make.

6. Not as Heavy as You Think.

You might think that carrying a pair of binoculars would be a cumbersome burden to bear…

Do you carry a wallet with you? How about your smart phone? Compact binoculars are small enough to fit in your pocket. They take up little space. They also are quite light in weight and are out of the way until needed. They certainly are not the heavier and bulkier cheap binoculars you grew up using.

Step into this century my friend and buy yourself a pair of small lightweight binoculars that will serve you well at the next big game. You paid good money to see that game. The little binoculars will give you the biggest thrill for the smallest package.

Conclusion: Binoculars for Sporting Events

When examining all of the great points above you must ask yourself, why don’t I bring my binoculars anyway? New binoculars are small, lightweight and the optics are quite clear over the old school models of years gone by. Tuck a pair in your pocket and head off to the game. Seeing the plays and all the action will leave you believing in the power of a set of binoculars. Never leave home for the sports game without them.