Why You Should Use a Monocular (7 Reasons)

Why use a monocular?

A monocular should be used during any activity that requires long distance viewing and a compact device. Some key hobbies that a monocular should be used for are hiking, camping, hunting, bird watching, wildlife viewing, astronomy, sporting events, theatre events, and art viewing. In addition, a monocular should be used as an alternative option for … Read more

What Are Monoculars Used For? (7 Main Uses)

what are monoculars used for

What are monoculars used for? To answer this, we first need to address what a monocular actually is! What are Monoculars Used For? Monoculars are like your own personal tiny pocket telescope. A monocular is a small modified refracting telescope that is easy to transport. They are an optical instrument used to view objects that … Read more